If you’re under lockdown at your home, if you need assistance with Yoga, Meditation, Breathe work, Ayurveda, etc during isolation, please contact me below to schedule your virtual appointment.


One-on-one attention with Hannah via Skype or at her beautiful Home Studio in midtown Santa Cruz:
How can mindfulness help me with my stress, anxiety, depression?
Why does my shoulder always hurt in that one pose?
What is the ideal meditation practice for me?
I’ve heard breathwork (pranayama) is a powerful tool for healing, but it should be studied with a skilled teacher.
I’m recovering from an injury and I know yoga would help. What should I do?
Can Ayurveda help me with my skin issues, insomnia, constipation, and other reoccurring issues?
I want to take group classes, but could use some private attention first? 
I’m interested in somatic healing and need some individualized attention.
I am feeling ready for a change – a lifestyle revamp: nutrition, daily routine, herbs, diet, schedule, maybe even work or relationship shifts – I need a guide!
What would be an ideal yoga sequence for my individual needs that I could practice at home?
I need a coach who can help me navigate through some big shifts in my life – my inner world needs some nurturing and guidance while my outer world is going through these big changes.
I want to advance my practice of yoga, but I need some one-on-one attention that a group class can’t offer me.
I have heard about Ayurveda, and want to know more about how I can apply these lifestyle tools to empower my own life.


If you are ready for some special attention, book a private session with Hannah.
Some clients come with specific issues they need to address, such as an injury you’d like to heal, to start a home asana or meditation practice, or to discover new Ayurvedic lifestyle choices you can apply to your own unique life — and others just come ready to dive into whatever we discover as we work collaboratively with loving attention to your mind-body-spirit whole being.
Whether you are brand-new on this path of yoga, or a veteran of this practice, the one-on-one attention of a private session with Hannah is the best way to work with your specific needs and heart’s longing.
Sliding scale pricing for private sessions at
Hannah’s beautiful sun-filled home studio (Virtual Only at this time)
via Zoom/Skype/Facetime:
60 minutes: $150*
Sliding scale: contact Hannah if you need financial support.
*Prices with an asterisk are Hannah’s regular rates, however in the spirit of seva, she provides a sliding scale for those who really need it.