Evening Classes on Mondays & Wednesdays


 MONDAY night 5:30-7pm: YOGA CHURCH ~ community yoga for everyone ~ with Live Music every Monday at VET’S Hall, 846 Front Street in downtown Santa Cruz


Join the tribe of free thinkers, truth seekers, warriors and lovers… all are welcome in this temple.

Join Yoga Church Mondays at the Santa Cruz Veteran’s Hall (a lovely space downtown across the street from Verve Coffee on Front St, next to the post office).

These classes will have most of the same elements of Hannah’s beloved Monday night former Live DJ Bhakti Flow class, integrating a HUGE DOSE of LOVE along with skillfully sequenced alignment-based flows, myth, mantra, amazing music and more – PLUS some sweet changes we are STOKED to share with you:

1. COMMUNITY YOGA for ALL: these classes are intended to be accessible + inclusive to anyone who seeks to open their heart, body & mind; not just those who can afford it. Self-care is a radical act: as we learn to love + take care of ourselves, we extend that love + support to others more abundantly, and it ripples out into our communities. So in the interest of community love and support, we offer to you every Monday night:

// sliding scale prices: $10 – $20

// veterans are free

// no one turned away for lack of funds

We seek to serve the entire community, anyone and everyone willing to show up and be present: underserved populations, young and old, rich and poor, all walks of life. Those of you can afford to pay $15 or more will not only be offering yourself the gift of a replenishing practice, but you will personally be making it possible for us to serve the greater whole. We welcome everyone. We welcome YOU.

2. beautiful TEMPLE SPACE: we are in love with this gorgeous room with tree-lined windows, wood floors, high ceilings, an amazing sound system – and so much high vibes! (Same room where we are thrilled to host the ROOTS training this year too.) There is also easy parking: a low-cost parking garage at Front St/River St, or bike, walk, hula hoop your way to this central location.

3. TIME: 5:30-7 pm allows you to practice after a full day of work/play, plus still have time for dinner and downtime after. (I’m hoping some weeks we can have community dinners together after class – since we will be downtown near so much amazing local food!)

4. YOGA CHURCH: it’s a new paradigm ya’ll – this is independent yoga for free thinkers, truth seekers, warriors and lovers. Atheists, agnostics, religious devotees, mystics and spiritual seekers alike are all welcome to this church – so don’t let the name throw you off. The name came when I posed the question last year to a blissful post-Monday night class of yogis: “if you could name what we do here, what would you call it?” Many wonderful ideas flowed from this creative group, and nearly all of them used words like “church”, “temple” or “ceremony” – citing that just calling these Monday night experiences “yoga” was not enough. Although it’s all yoga, I get their point – we live in a world where people are calling various things/styles/methods/brands yoga, so it’s helpful to be descriptive. And as you all pointed out, the incredible energy and transformation we co-create on these Monday nights should be honored with a name that honors the magic, the community, the reverence, the heart of these sacred gatherings…

Welcome to Yoga Church.


WEDNESDAY 6:30-8pm DEEP FLOW + RESTORE YOGA ~ All Levels Divinitree, Water Street in Santa Cruz

Beginners and advanced practioners alike need a sacred space to go mid-week where we can both move and surrender…

10 minutes of meditation/pranayama + 50 minutes of awareness flow + 30 minutes of restorative

= 90 minutes of goodness every Wednesday




Morning Classes: Tuesday + Thursday


TUESDAY & THURSDAY ::::: 9-10:30am Aligned Flow ~  at Breath + Oneness


Prenatal Yoga

Wednesdays 12-1:30pm at Pacific Cultural Center Take time to connect with yourself, your growing baby, your breath and your body in this carefully designed class specifically for pregnant mamas. Prepare to relax, strengthen, and make space for baby in our bodies and in our hearts.  All trimesters all welcome.

Postnatal {Mama & Baby} Yoga

Wednesdays 10am-11:30am at Pacific Cultural Center

Your precious love is in your arms, you haven’€™t slept a full night in weeks, and what happened to that time you had for self-care during your pregnancy?  Well here it is mamas: its“ time for you to take care of yourself while you still get to be in the company of your sweet baby.  Breathe, stretch, open, strengthen, laugh, cry and share with other mamas, all in a warm, safe setting where you are allowed to be you and your baby is allowed to be a baby! Warm experienced baby-holders in every class to offer cuddles to babes.

Restorative & Sound Healing Events

Check out our monthly Sound Healing Experience at Pacific Cultural Center 

Join Hannah Muse & Danny Goldberg for a deeply nourishing night of restorative yoga + sonic vibrational healing.

Experience a 2-hour high-frequency sound bath led by Danny, while being gently guided through therapeutic restorative yoga with Hannah. These are restful poses supporting the practitioner with props to comfortably facilitate deep physiological relaxation & health.

Thursday, December 20th SPECIAL TIME from 7:30-9:30pm

Sunday, January 13th, 2019 from 7-9pm

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 from 7-9pm


Reserve your spot in the next Release & Renew event HERE.