A key understanding for awakening is this: we cannot selectively numb. Our usual habit is to look away, distracting and avoiding the most tender and vulnerable parts of ourselves. By doing so, we unconsciously cut ourselves off from opening to the fullest expression of exquisite life—our innate ability to give, receive, and embody love and joy.

Renew your body, soften the grip of the mind, and allow your heart to be fully open in this warm, compassionate, and inspired workshop with renowned yoga and mindfulness teacher Hannah Muse.

You will:

Reduce stress and resistance in the body and mind
Increase openness, receptivity, resilience, and equanimity
Hone attention to self-awareness and boost your daily energy
Effectively practice tools to nurture spaciousness and vulnerability
Access your body’s inherent ability to heal, regenerate, and thrive.
Throughout this dynamic and uplifting weekend, integrate meditation practices, all-levels yoga (flow and restorative), and compassionate self-inquiry to gently wade into the deeper waters of your true self. Discover how an awake heart (bodhicitta) is always available—even amidst the reality of planetary suffering, personal loss, and the whirlwind of daily life.

Return home from this nourishing retreat with a continued sense of peace and greater access to your invaluably wild, beautiful, and precious life.

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