ROOTS of Yoga: Tantra, Hatha, Raja, Bhakti Yoga with Hannah Muse & Kenny Graham
+ special guest teachers including Scholar of Yoga & Tantra: Christopher Hareesh WallisBegin the journey to the roots of your mind, body, & heart…
Fall 2017, Santa Cruz, CA
5-day foundational training

The ROOTS of Yoga: Tantra, Hatha, Raja, Bhakti Yogawith Hannah Muse & Kenny Graham+ special guest teachers including Scholar of Yoga & Tantra: Christopher Hareesh WallisJourney to the roots of your mind, body & heart…50-hour Yoga Intensive:  October 4 – 9, 2017
EARLY BIRD pricing until July 24 ****This Training is included in the ROOTS 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training****



Course Curriculum:

Roots of Yoga: Origins + History

Philosophy: Classical 8-limbed Yoga, Sankhya, Tantra

Sadhana: Pranayama + Meditation: Everything you need to know to develop a lasting and powerful daily practice 

Alignment-based Asana Labs

Bhakti Yoga + Mantra Sacred Sound

Mythology: Shiva, Shakti, Ganesha + the pantheon of Yogic Deities

Ayurveda + Yogic Nutrition: Yoga’s Companion Science

Shat karma: Internal Cleansing Practices for Yogic Life

Sangha: Cultivating Community


ROOTS of YOGA 50-Hour Intensive Training: October 4-9, 2017Opening Circle: Wednesday, October 4th 7:15-9pmThursday, October 5th – Monday, October 9h: 8am-5:00pm
$150 Deposit to Register  (deposit goes towards these training payment options below:)$650 EARLY BIRD – pay in full by  July 24$750 Regular Price – pay in full after  July 24TestimonialsHow has the program transformed you?
“I knew this program would deepen my practice and give me major yoga motivation and inspiration (which it has) but is has branched way beyond asana and sadhana and given me a new sense of focus way beyond the mat.” – Katelyn
“This training has been an incredibly expansive, heart opening, softening adventure. I feel more in tune with my mind and body than ever before. I feel the wisdom I have gained here will help me be a better person out in the world. I feel like I can carry this sacred space we have created in our hearts, and share it with the world.” -Ashleigh
“In a sentence, this program helped me to fall more in love with everything.” -Mary
What would you say to a friend who was interested in this training?
“If you feel even a drop of your soul is connected to this curriculum, follow that light to Kenny and Hannah’s Roots Training. It’s life changing.” -James
“Definitely DO IT! It’ll be one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever give yourself, and the world.” -Abbie


About the Location

This year’s training is hosted by Pleasure Point Yoga. Located in the heart of the Pleasure Point neighborhood, a classic beachside community with  nearby accommodations, local, delicious healthy food, and beautiful scenery. 

“What are the requirements for registering for this course? Yoga is changing my life but I am still relatively new to the practice?”
The requirements are: the desire to deepen your practice & knowledge of yoga, 12 months minimum practicing yoga, and an open heart.
“What if I already have completed a YTT-200 hour? Is it beneficial to take more training?”
Regardless of whether you have already completed a 200-hour training (or any other level), this training will be different than any other and we believe you will receive tremendous benefit from it. Hannah and Kenny have completed literally thousands of hours of trainings and intensives, and continue to grow as life-long students of yoga. Every training has a different emphasis, a different curriculum – what is most important is that you value studentship and resonate with the teachers.
“I am working with an injury, a special issue, etc. Can I still come?”
Yes – and you will be in good hands! Kenny and Hannah both work extensively with students on a therapeutic level. In addition to therapeutic asana, know that this training is much more than just the physical aspects of yoga. Breath, mind and spirit will be explored equally to the physical body.
“I will be traveling from out of town for the training weekends. Can you recommend accommodations? Which airport do I fly into?“
Yes! Not only will we send you a list of hotels, lodges + Air b&b’s here in our beautiful ocean-side community, but we also can connect you with other students in the training for possible home-stays. As for airports, you can fly into SJC, MRY, SFO or OAK (although SJC is slightly closer than the rest). Just let us know upon registration and we will send you our recommended accommodation list.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.